The TED Prize supports one wish each year to inspire the world. Sugata Mitra did just that with his bold vision for a School in the Cloud. With an overwhelming response from educators, innovators and influencers across the globe, we’re excited to see how the community continues to fulfil Sugata’s wish and help design the future of learning – Anna Verghese, Deputy Director, TED Prize.

In 2013, TED awarded the Prize to Professor Sugata Mitra to help fulfil his wish to ‘help design the future of learning by supporting children all over the world to tap into their innate sense of wonder and work together.’ (Sugata)

Sugata asked the TED community to make his dream a reality by helping him reinvent the way children learn. In this, he looked to achieve two things:

  1. Build the School in the Cloud (a series of learning labs across India and the UK where children can embark on intellectual adventures online)
  2. Encourage schools, teachers and parents to create their own local self-organised learning environments (SOLEs) by joining the experiment at our online platform.

Anyone can create a self-organised learning environment (SOLE). Simply spark curiosity in children by asking them to explore a ‘big’ question using the Internet and their ability to work together. Learning happens spontaneously in these purposefully chaotic environments. – Sugata Mitra

Thousands of people from Colombia to South Africa have already experimented with his learning method on the ground. They are also sharing their discoveries to help advance his research. The TED Prize project officially ended in October 2016, but the School in the Cloud community continues to grow.

Watch the TED Prize video, where Professor Sugata Mitra talks about the School in the Cloud project.

The Labs

Area 0 – Gocharan, West Bengal

Area 1- Korakati, West Bengal

Area 2 – Chandrakona, West Bengal

Area 3 – Government Girls Secondary School (GGSS), Kalkaji, New Delhi

Area 4 – Pragat Shikshan Sanstha (PSS) – translates as Progressive Education Organization Phaltan, Maharashtra

UK Lab 1 – George Stephenson High School, North Tyneside, Tyne and Wear

UK Lab 2 – Greenfield Arts, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham

About the TED Prize

The first TED Prize was awarded in 2005, born out of the TED Conference and a vision by the world’s leading entrepreneurs, innovators and entertainers to change the world – one wish at a time.

What began as an unparalleled experiment to leverage the resources of the TED community has evolved into an ambitious, million-dollar award to spur global-scale change.