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Keith Hutchinson
2 days ago

-In the future, a bionic machine (chip) can be inserted into the human brain.

-Human DNA can be changed and powers may be able to be created this way.

-Animal DNA has been mixed with human DNA already.

-There are examples of humans who already possess "super powers" like controlling body heat.


Lana Parker
18 days ago

Just started our SOLE today - investigating the impact of human settlement on the land. Students are excited and curious!


Riccardo Lodi
21 days ago

Last week we spend our time learning english words related clothing always with "our" granny Kitty

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Clive Elsmore
29 days ago

Report from Sylvie Cothenet

Saturday 31th January – GGSS Sinc Lab
Today, Jaya, Soni, Alisha and Sapna began to write their names on the chat and described a photo.
They didn’t know who were Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix but they did a very detailed description (structured sentences with different words: cartoon, mountain, hill, sand, 2 men, the different colours, they said that they were laughing). Then the question was : “Why do we laugh?”. They researched and read very clearly what they have found. Then we had a discussion. They researched what was Cheese rolling and they described a video .They explained Indian games, spoon lemon, songs and role plays. They were funny.
I can say that their autonomy was excellent! They were so active. I think that Jaya would be able to animate a session!
Duration : 47 minutes.
Engagement : 5/5
Search skills : 5/5
Confidence : 5/5


Riccardo Lodi
about 1 month ago

Having session with 4 kids: 2 of 10 years 2 of 7 years.
Last time we decided to divided in 2 groups: the olders have hanswered about the big question: "what's the brain" while the youngers have revised some english words.

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andrea montini
about 1 month ago

Building a new space for our meetings!
Estação de Pesquisas em Ciências Sustentáveis Eco é lógico no Cerrado (Research Station in Sustainable Sciences Eco é lógico no Cerrado) and Espaço de Aprendizagem Livre com a Natureza (Free Learning Space with Nature)!!

We are almost done!!

Soon we´ll be posting all the details.

Construindo o novo espaço para os nossos encontros!!
Estamos quase lá!!
Estação de Pesquisas em Ciências Sustentáveis Eco é lógico no Cerrado e seu Espaço de Aprendizagem Livre com a Natureza junto ao Centro de Convivência da Criança e do Adolescente de Alto Paraíso de Goiás (C.C.C.A, Alto Paraíso)!!
Em fevereiro 2015 estaremos a todo vapor e publicando todas as nossas vivências!!!

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Jackie Barrow
about 1 month ago

The weather here - thick snow - dictated my plan for today's session. After some preliminary chat about temperatures, snow etc I asked if they would like to go outside in the garden and play in the snow. Well of course the answer was yes, so I started by putting on some appropriate warm clothing - thick socks, a jacket, scarf, gloves and boots. This of course was already pretty amazing for them. So hard to imagine the cold when you have never experienced it. Lots of 'Wows!!' as we wandered around the garden and threw a few snowballs but then we started on the main task - to build a snowman. The snow was a bit on the powdery side but we managed. They chose a red hat, a blue scarf and a green chili for his nose from my selection bag! Sticks with black gloves served for arms and hands and I must say we were all pretty pleased with the result. Whilst I was building it they went off and found a copy of the book 'The Snowman' which I had taken out when I visited in 2012. They were very keen to show me the pictures and obviously knew it well. So good to see it being used and hopefully today's experience will bring it to life for them a bit. We'll take another look at the story next week.

Panel debbiemain

Debbie Hunter
about 1 month ago

It's a new school year for us this week. The Lunchbox Club is planning the term activity schedule for 2015. Ready to introduce a whole new bunch to Maker activities. Keen to share what is happening in other places.


EDCLUB Movement (Encouraging Disadvantaged Children to Learn Using Broadband)
about 1 month ago

Great session with some of the edclub kids in Huruma slum Kenya. - I got them starting to look at a human skeleton - and asked them to find where the pelvis is.

There is also a great youtube clip that you could screen share with them

Also this has a good game to teach them about the names of their bones

Then asked them what we'd look like if we didn't have a skeleton

Panel frank1

Frank Calberg
about 1 month ago

New blog posting. How do you use e-mail?


Suneeta Kulkarni
about 1 month ago

The Area 0 lab at Gocharan opened on 9th Jan. 2015 to the sounds of the shehnai in the background lending a festive mood to the whole occasion. Today, [16th Jan] there have been several groups of children in the lab trying it out in smaller [30 odd!] since 3:00 pm in the afternoon, than there were on opening day... As per plan, I just stayed online on skype and waited for children to come up to the skype screen if and when they wanted to.. Quite a few did and apart from the "Hi and hello' and what's your name - we [the children actually!] managed to find some pictures of animals and enjoyed one of a baby elephant playing in the water. this began thanks to Liz's finger puppets I used to say hello.. Another group wanted to know where I lived and I may be mistaken but it sounded like she had relatives here in Pune!

With another group I read a short story at their request [Marjorie Mouse from the LEGO Fabuland series] and in yet another group, one young man told he liked Rabindra Sangeet. I did suggest he could find some on the internet... Let's see what happens.

Over the next few days, hopefully we'll have several more 'grannies' skyping in for a quick chat, just to say hello and give them a flavour of what it can be like.


about 2 months ago


Diario de Campo Suela San Luis Potosí

Sesión: 2 Grupo I Número de Participantes: 23 Fecha: 09/01/14 Lugar:

ÚNICO San Luis Potosí

Hora: 08: 30\-10: 15 Facilitador Oscar OFarrill Cobo Apoyo Verónica Ojeda Leticia Vega Objetivo general Iniciar y familiarizar a los Alumnos con la Metodología ÚNICO e incluirlos Dentro del Concepto de Investigadores. Gran PREGUNTA ¿Qué es experimento de la ONU? Objetivo Específico: Generar la curiosidad y deseo de Crear Un ambiente de Trabajo Compartido autoorganizado, buscando Los Elementos Fundamentales párr lograrlo Principalmente En Valores.

Descripción General de la Sesión:

La Sesión Inicio de una las 08:35 y termino una las 10:15 am. Se Trabajo con Una asistenciade 23 Niños, de aunque es Nuestra Segunda Sesión correspondió a la primeria dentrodel aula de Medios. Dentro De La Cual senos presentaron las Siguientes Dificultades:

Se Muestra En Las FOTOGRAFÍAS, Que contamos con equipo de la ONU HP. Exactamente desconozco las Características del equipo, no pudimos Revisar ante las instalaciones (POR Problemas de saturación de Grupos Que USAN El Aula). Lo cual sea nos ocasionó los Siguientes Conflictos: Elcañón SE Encuentra Conectado una ANU ESTAS Máquinas, but Tiene Difícil movilidadpara Poder enfocar El Trabajo de los Alumnos con la Cámara. Le conecté unacámara aparte USB Pero no funciono (El Poder era aleta ampliar el panorama deobservación) Also le añadimos la ONU Micrófono a la Computadora Que tampocoreconoció, sea cual lo Por tuvimos Problemas párr comunicarnos con nuestraabuelita. Los Niños tenian Que Hablar fuerte Cerca de la Computadora. Lasbocinas con las escuchábamos Que tenian poco Alcance.

  1. Laseñal de internet NuevaMente nos cortaba La llamada, en Los Ultimos momentos casifue imposible escuchar La Respuesta de la abuelita una ONU Que Nino Lo habíacuestionado.

    1. de Aunque contamos Con permiso de la direcciónde La Escuela, reitero Que somos Una Escuela Pública de Educación Básica. Un las9: 50hrs, se Presenta en la puerta Una maestra muy molesta e intolerante porqueya era su horario de la USO de aula de Medios.

4.-: Además Hubo Constantes Interrupciones en lapuerta Por instancia de parte de Varios docentes Que constantemente Estaban en la puerta porasuntos Diferentes con la maestra de aula de Medios.

5.\- La directora y la Encargada de aulade Medios en algunos adj momentos condujeron a los Niños en la búsqueda de Datos. 6.\- Por Los Problemas de audio tenia lanecesidad de Para repetir las RegistrationComité Y ESO interfirió Poco en misobservaciones un. Retomando el Desarrollo de la Sesión declase, ONU Niño sufrio Una Caída leve DEBIDO al Problema de Espacio, y el correr deseode un respondedor las interrogantes al ACERCARSE a la Computadora delcañón. : Por otra parte ALGUNAS Actitudes Que se observaron Por instancia de parte de losalumnos were:

1.- Al Inicio de lasesión no se integraban Por equipo, y habia Un poco de apatía Por los problemastécnicos

2.-Fue muy motivantepara Ellos, la búsqueda de Localizar algunos adj Lugares En El Mundo Por medio delreto ¿Quién Es El Primero? La planeación Acordada se modificó Pero Objetivo perderel pecado, los Resultados were muy motivantes Como se obser en lasfotografías, this Espacio de Tiempo de approximately Media Hora de maneraconstante de Diálogo Entre abuelita y los equipos Por encontrarrespuestas. Llamo mi Atención Que selogró En este momento la Integración al 100% del grupo, Integrados estabantotalmente Porque, inclusive las Personas hijo Que Más apáticas alaprendizaje y el Trabajo en Equipo. (Hasta this Momento se integraron enequipo)

3. En la modificacion de la laplaneación PREGUNTA generadora, muy FUE Dificil de dar Respuesta, ya quesolamente tuvieron 10 Minutos y supieron organizarse CÓMO párr Distribuir eltiempo párrafo a Presentar SUS Resultados. 4.\- En Este Periodo NuevaMente sedesintegrarón. 5.\- La abuelita les pidióconcentrase un Los Lideres de Equipo Para dar SUS Resultados; Por lo Cual losdemás Integrantes de equipo en algunos adj FUE caótico Porque No Sabian Que hacer.Un equipo Que ESTABA Integrado, ninguno de Sus Participantes querian Pasar, sonniñas Que Tienen Muchos problemas de expresar SUS Ideas en público. 6.\- DEBIDO al Tiempo lasconclusiones se Presentan en plenaria Conjunta, en la cual sea de Todos al inicio seencuentran muy entusiasmados Pero Casi el stage última LOS ULTIMOS empezaron aperder la concentration.

Análisis conceptual:

Fue muy importanteel Cambio Dentro de la planeación formulada, El Proceso de la Metodología en laparte de la Investigación se afecto en: a\) 30 minutes continuosde Diálogo continuo Entre abuelita y Los Niños en búsqueda constante Por mediode Preguntas. \(Considero Que Fue primordial en Nuestra Segunda Sesión, ya quese Integro a los Niños Por Motivación al 100%\) b\) 10 minutes deinvestigación Quehacer solos, Como su Segunda Experiencia se perdieron y no sabian ¿? Los Niños tienenproblemas de Ubicación espacial párr determinar S. Donde se encuentran algunoslugares del Mundo. : Además optaron Por buscar la PREGUNTA textual en elinternet, en algunos adj Niños se observó confusión párrafo sable Dónde buscar o cómousar el internet. Una Respuesta llama laatención Cuando Se les cuestiona ¿De Que país era colonia la India? Como yasabían Que Hablan inglés, ONU Niño mencionó desde el lugar de Estados Unidos deNorteamérica. Existe Problema: Además de las Naciones Unidas de Compresión, ya Que No Procesan lainformación Que obtienen Porque AÚN no la Comparte con SUS Equipos y susrespuestas hijo Transcripciones Que No las comprenden en la Mayoría de loscasos. ALGUNAS conclusionesconceptuales were:

Experimento: Hijo Los pasos párrafo Descubrir fenómeno ONU Fenómeno: es algo Hecho por la Naturaleza, sentimientos, Humano. Hipótesis: (respuestas en plenaria) mirada una, enfermedad, idea Aprendizaje: en Toda la vida, se Logra con El Mundo exterior, ponerlo en practical Investigando y estudiando. Habilidad del Aprendizaje: curiosidad Trabajo en Equipo: hay mas ideas, TENEMOS Más LOGROS, Colaboramos. Herramientas Que usamos: Mente y el internet. Valores Que NECESITAMOS párr Trabajar en equipo: respeto, honestidad, tolerancia, amistad. Reglas párr Trabajar en equipo Finalmente un niñointerroga un cuestionamiento su abuelita con el siguiente:

¿Como le hiciste párrafo sable Lo Que conoces y porqué Ayudas a Los Demás?

: Lamentablemente no pudimos escuchar La Respuesta de la abuelita, Porque la ESTABA roja lenta muy.

Se concluyó Que lapróxima Sesión Ellos investigarían las Siguientes Preguntas Que Ellos mismosformularon: Tema: Mesoamérica

¿Cómo Sé Jugaba y En dónde se Jugaba el juego de pelota?

¿Como construyeron SUS CABEZAS Los Olmecas?

Áreas de Oportunidad:

- Sé Muy encuentran Investigadores hijo motivadosporque.

- Propiaspreguntas Formularon sus.

- Tienen Una Necesidad detrabajar en equipo.


  1. Muchos problemas Técnicos (Solicito ayuda si me pueden Orientar en mi caos).

  2. Entrar Muy encuentran Investigadores SER motivadospor.

  3. Me Canso mucho la Sesión perofue muy gratificante los Resultados Al Momento de analizarlos.

  4. Gracias por Seguir confiando en Nosotros y seguimosadelante ... ..


about 2 months ago


Diario de Campo Suela San Luis Potosí

Sesión: 1 grupo I Número de Participantes: 24 Fecha: 15/12/14 Marías Centro Comunitario Tres: Lugar Hora: 08:00 Facilitador Oscar OFarrill Cobo Apoyo Verónica Ojeda Leticia Vega Objetivo general Iniciar y familiarizar a los Alumnos con la Metodología ÚNICO Gran PREGUNTA ¿QUE ES ÚNICO, Qué SIGNIFICA Y Que entiendo? Objetivo Específico: Integrar un con los Alumnos su nueva Experiencia de conformar Conocimiento.

Descripción General de la Sesión:

La Sesión comenzo una las 08:10 horas con la Asistencia de 15 niñosde Edades Entre los 11 y los 12 años con Una Duración de 1 hora y media. Setuvo Problemas de inicio, el Aula de Medios Tuvo El daño de la ONU elcual regulador impedía el USO de internet enalgunas Computadoras Principalmente en La que se ENCUENTRA la installation delcañón. Por Cual tuvimos Que OPTAR Regresar al salón de clase Donde solamentetenemos equipo de la ONU disponible con cañón.

DEBIDO una this situacióninesperada se opto Por Iniciar la Aplicación de la Metodología, con el Fin deintegrar un Los Alumnos En Esta nueva forme de Aprendizaje. : Además DEBIDO una queese día habia Más tomas de la USO de internet DEBIDO una cola La Escuela seencontraba Subiendo Calificaciones una Plataforma, ocasionó en tres Ocasiones quese Perdiera la señal de internet.

: Por otra parte elinicio de la Sesión se vio Also Afectada Por La llegada tarde de algunosalumnos. Ya Que Las Escuelas Públicas en San Luis Potosí nos encontramos enhorario de invierno Cuya entrada es la 8:30. De Aunque se sensibilizó a los Alumnos Por Su Compromiso moral dellegar Temprano ALGUNOS no lo hicieron, una las 08:30 Eran 24 Alumnos.

De Aunque los Niños se encuentran acostumbrados A Que realizamosvideo de Llamadas en el salón de clase, con Diferentes personajes Ajenas A por ellos (Escritores) Los Alumnos se encontraban temerosos Poco ONU Y confusos, no sabíancómo ACTUAR y se observaron Conductas Como:

· Tres Alumnos no se UNIAN aningún grupo, tenian Una conducta apática y Solamente veian a Los Demás.

· Pasado CASI Minutos Treinta, Entre Ellos formaron equipo Pero con poca integration.

· ALGUNOS no entendían quedebían Hacer.

· Otros se encontraban enequipo Pero no hay aire trabajan el tema.

· Al Momento de Pedir susresultados se cohibían párr expresarlos.

En general, se observabaun poco de apatía, generada Por DIVERSOS FACTORES. El medio de consulta queusaron párrafo Obtener SUS Conclusiones FUE EL USO del Diccionario. Ademas los Niños sí encuentran unas escasos díasde salir de Vacaciones, lo Cual tambien Conductas afecta SUS.

En El Momento de exponersus las ideas, lo Hacia realizaron el facilitador Pero No integration Hubo con suscompañeros de Sus Conclusiones. Ven que señalado MUCHOS EQUIPOS no queríanparticipar, Hubo dos equipos Que Definitivamente no susconclusiones expresaron. Uno de Mujeres y de el equipo Que se integro al final.

Finalmente considero quesolamente ONU Equipo logro conjuntar Todas Las Ideas para dar Una integration Detodas Ellas con respecto a, una cola Lo es ÚNICO. Los demas lo hicieron de Manera parcialpero no las integraron Todo un Como. Por otra instancia de parte, Creo Que Todos nosencontramos Un poco con temor y Expectativas de algo nuevo Pero con muchasganas de avanzar.

Análisis conceptual:

In our primerasesión con this nueva Metodología de Aprendizaje, considero Que influyeronmucho TODOS LOS FACTORES Que se presentaron Durante la Sesión de Como distractoresdel Objetivo. Generalmente trabajanpor equipo but Diseñado, Donde los Niños Que Tienen alcalde Facilidad de lógicamatemática se Integran Como Líderes del grupo. In this Ocasión Ellos tenian queintegrarse Por lo Cual les Generó caos. Principalmente en los Niños Que serehúsan A Trabajar en equipo Y Que Tienen Problemas de aceptación POR EL grupo. Una Vez su, sí Generó unreto muy grande Para Ellos describir el SIGNIFICADO de las siglas de ÚNICO tantocomo traducirlas Como Pensar en resolver el Problema. Un niño menciono queusaran el consultar Dictionnaire párr. La Mayoría de los

Niños Por optaron ESA Estrategia, Pero se olvidaron de lapregunta, enlazarlas pecado se enfocaron a buscar Palabras Con Su SIGNIFICADO, yverlas Como Todo un.

Fue interesanteobservar Que Dos niños, ideas de los Cuales Tienen Muchos problemas de aprendizaje.Aunque SUS Eran vagas poco un, se le vio Participar y de aunque Casi nuncahablan se atrevieron a pronunciar ALGUNAS Palabras al facilitador. Es Una experiencianueva Para Ellos y Para Mí, en El Momento Pense en ¿ **verdad Podremos lograrlo?** Pero Retomando las reflexiones de lo queimplica Una Nueva Metodología Principalmente ÚNICO Dębe Existir mucha pacienciapara la adaptation Con Este nuevo Entorno, Principalmente Cuando Se Brinda aniños Que CUENTAN con Pocas Posibilidades de Apoyo en el SUS Contextos, ya queesto Puede del Constituir Para Ellos Una Oportunidad de logar su propio autoaprendizaje.

Áreas de Oportunidad:

- Fomento de la Importancia deltrabajo en equipo.

- Integración de visionesparciales En Busca de todo un.

- Detonar las habilidadescomunicativas de los Niños.


  1. Fue Difícil our primerasesión, Por los Imprevistos Que distrajeron.

  2. Se acortaron de Momento lasestrategias, Por La Falta de Uso de internet.

  3. La Expectativa ante lo nuevo, quizas estrés Poco ONU Género.


Suneeta Kulkarni
2 months ago

Rodger Maskall's managing to take quite a few sessions spontaneously at GGSS. Thanks, Rodger! Here is his report of the session on the 29th of Dec. 2014.:

I was away from my desk for a while -when I came back there was a video message waiting for me from Kalkaji. They were there, and if I would like to take the session, they were ready. But if I was too busy, they would go ahead and work on a ‘big question’. Was really nice.

A bit of a change in the introductionphase - the names were all typed out for me in one line ….

I am not sure who did the typing, but itwas a nice bit of initiative. Of course, part of the process that helps me, is when they introduce themselves and type the name (so that I have a chance of pronouncing it). So I can link the name with the face. But its easy enough toask them to identify themselves as the session progresses. Its probably academic anyway - I don’t manage to remember them :(

There was some discussion about whether they would like to have a story - but ended up opting for a question.

I asked if they could tell me what was Pangea. Acutually I mis-spelled it initially as I have always thought it was Panagea. Fortunately I checked, or could have caused them some confusion.

They were searching for quite a while -but came up with the answer, which they screen shared with me. I followed up with Gondwana - and they were able to name the countries it comprises.

They asked if there were any Palaces in Australia, and gave them a link to the Sydney Opera house, which is as near as we might have to a palace. I also gave a link to Yarralumla - the Prime Minister’s residence. In reading the article, they were interested in what an‘Acre’ was. So we found the area, (4047 sq metres) and I explained that we now use Hectare - a simpler unit of 10,000 sq metres.

They asked me the name of our Prime Minister and I had a ‘senior moment’ and could not come up with it. Very embarrassing. They came up with it by searching. I asked the name of their PM,and they all responded instantaneously.

Another enjoyable session with some very intelligent and well mannered young ladies.


Suneeta Kulkarni
2 months ago

Rodger Maskall's report of his session on the 21st of Dec: Thanks, Rodger!

Not an easy session with Chandrakona.

There were 21 children present, across all ages and temperaments !

Sound and vision were generally good. But the video from their end dropped out half way through, so I was unable to see who was reading the results of their research,which was a pity. With such a large group the amount of noise in the headphones became overpowering at times. But the co-ordinator stepped in to quieten them when necessary. Perhaps it would bepossible to have a few coir mats or something similar on the floor to deaden the reflected noise from the tiled floor, when they become a little boisterous.

They each introduced themselves. Some with total confidence , some with less, But all did it well.

I began by introducing some pictures of Australian animals, which took the interest of some - but not all. It was only possible to see a few of them at any one time,so not so easy to judge the general level of interest.

I then suggested they sing a song. One young man sang a very nice solo, and a small group of boys joined together in another song. I tried ask the message of thesong, but couldn’t quite hear. They then sang the National Anthem with some gusto. One of the boys took the mic and sang into it at full volume which tended to drown out the others! It wasn’t really possible to get the message through to him to put the mic further away. I then sang Waltzing Matilda, and they remained quiet throughout. I am sure the girls intended to sing too, but that didn’t eventuate.

There were many more boys present than girls, so they tended to take over the mic and the camera. I am sure the girls would have liked to have been more involved, but were somewhat reluctant, although Tithi tried to ‘shush’ them and maintain some order on a number of occasions.

Since it wasthe date of the Solstice … I asked them what they could find out about its meaning. Things quietened down at that point, and they went to work. It wasn’t possible to see all the desks from the angle of the camera - but it seemed there were at least three to each computer.I am not sure whether the younger ones were involved in searching or had gone to play games. But the older ones took it quite seriously. I could see that they were taking notes as they went along.

Unfortunately by the time they had their answers their video had stopped working so I was unable to see who was providing the answers. But they were obviously reading what they had written, and with the occasional prompt from the co-ordinator they did very well. I am not sure that they had the connection that it was actuallyon the date of the Solstice, but we were out of time, so couldn’t follow it up.But as an exercise in web searching (inEnglish) I think they did very well.

It was an exhausting session due to the numbers, and also the fact that by 9 PM in the evening I am not actually ‘firing on all cylinders’ ! If it is possible to maintain that number of children attending, then perhaps it would be possible to split them into separate sessions for the older and younger groups.

The co-ordinators should be congratulated on their efforts to keep a spirited group generally in order, while maintaining the concept of it being a ‘self-organised’ environment. It only takes one or two unruly ones to disrupt it forothers who take it more seriously.


Suneeta Kulkarni
2 months ago

Here's a joint report put together by several teachers from Area 4 PSSP. Sushama Pandit the computer teacher [now a keen observer of Grade 1] wrote the report, Madhura Rajvanshi edited it for her, and Anant Mahamuni the Grade 1 teacher took the pictures. We look forward to hearing more from them:


Suneeta Kulkarni
2 months ago

Here's Rodger's [Maskall] report from the 26th of Dec. Thanks!

A group of 10 very neatly presented and interested young people at Koakati today.

Sound and vision were moderate. Once again, I think if my hearing was just a little more acute, they would not have to resort to typing so much. But the fact that the co-ordinator can type at quite a brisk pace, the flow is not interrupted too badly.

It was a bit slow to get started, so they sang the Indian National Anthem - and I followed with “Advance Australia Fair”.

We chatted a little about favourite sports. Of course, cricket is an all-round favourite. Most of the boys also like football. I tried to describe a little about Rugby. They knew that the Indian cricket team was currently playing a test in Melbourne.

One of the boys liked to watch racing videos, and the only girl, was keen on computer games.

I asked about favourite subjects at school, and the most popular seemed to be History, Geography, Maths.

About a third were keen on becoming teachers, another third doctors. Just one Engineer. They were all interested in learning about computers.

We looked at some pictures of Australian animals, and then went through some of the birds they have there.

The question was - what is a Tsunami?They spent some time in searching, and one young man came up with a pretty comprehensive answer. He tried to tell me in English - but it was a tall order,so the co-ordinator translated to English for me.

It was the 10th anniversary for the 2004 Boxing day Tsunami, so we discussed that a bit, and they were able to tell the countries that were affected, and the number of lives lost.

They asked was I aware of Aila. The name was not immediately familiar, but when they reminded me about the major cyclone that flooded the Ganges delta in 2009. They explained how the sea had inundated the land, and the salt had made it unsuitable for agriculture for more than two years. They all had strong memories of that time.

We would probably have continued but the line dropped at that time, and a number of attempts to reconnect were unsuccessful.

Most of the communication was done using chat, although it was possible at times to hear and understand each other. They seemed to remain interested for the whole session.

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Mirna Wabi-Sabi
3 months ago

I would like to gather two groups of people to have the following sessions:
-How do we determine legitimate and illegitimate forms of authority?
-How is sexuality related to feminism?

Panel 10653874 999259253433857 8341280606396590013 n

Mirna Wabi-Sabi
3 months ago

Zine Making Initiative.
This one was inspired by the question:
"Why has opium production grown in Afghanistan after U.S. occupation?".


Suneeta Kulkarni
3 months ago

Here's a report from Rodger Maskall of a session he took at GGSS on 10th Dec. Thanks, Rodger!