Organisation: Willaston Primary School, Isle of Man

Helen has been using SOLE in her school on the Isle of Man to build on the Learning to Learn language that is embedded across the school. This journey has taken over 4 years but now means that children can talk about their learning habits confidently to help them move their learning on. So, building on this language, Helen was searching for a method for children to experience deeper learning that would be both personal and inviting, something that SOLE enables.

The opportunities that SOLEs have created within the classroom have been vast. SOLE has provided a springboard for the children to feel confident about their curiosity, it has open up new and different thinking. The children use SOLE as a structure which allows their curiosity to flow, with no inhibitions; they feel safe and secure, knowing that their questions are valued.

Helen is in the process of enabling staff within the school to observe SOLEs within her classroom as part of the School Improvement Plan. This will develop colleagues professionally and ensure that SOLEs are accessible to all children to develop deeper learning and curiosity throughout the school.

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