Clever International School

SOLE has recently been introduced at Clever International School and was received with great enthusiasm by teachers and pupils.

Children as young as 9 years old are being offered the opportunity to work as a team in search of knowledge, exchanging ideas freely with own and members of other teams, while the teacher is the silent observer.

In this short period of several months, there has been noticeable improvement in pupils’  self-confidence. They patiently await to hear the Big  Question and immediately begin typing on their laptops, agreeing easily on the role each child will take.  In addition, their presentation skills have excelled.

They have learnt to prepare their presentations as they are searching for the answer, experimenting with different ways of doing it:  on the board, as PPP, with drawings…Finally, what was noticed as another positive aspect of this approach is the children’s improvement in English, as it is not their native language. On the other hand, the teachers enjoy observing the children become more and more independent, driven by passion for learning.

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Yolanda Vergara Sarmiento

Yolanda is a technology teacher at San Jose de Monterrico School. She discovered her vocation for teaching as a student, when she was teaching technology classes at a primary school. Her passion has led to her 24 year career as an educator. This has allowed her to investigate and implement diverse educational tools in the classroom. Continue reading


SOLE UK is a forum for teachers across the UK to post the different SOLE questions they have asked their classes and to share their findings. This is a great place to celebrate all things SOLE and to encourage other schools to have a go at using Professor Mitra’s inspirational SOLE approach.

The page will be led by Sarah Leonard. Sarah is an important part of the ‘SOLE Community’ globally, and is a full-time classroom teacher who sings from the rooftops about SOLE to all who will listen! Sarah’s class and school use the SOLE approach on a weekly basis as a way to learn together. the SOLE UK page is also an opportunity for teachers to ask for help and advice if needed. e.g. How to start your own SOLE or to troubleshoot any concerns you may have whilst teaching using this approach.

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Rick Pasin

Organisation: My Education Room

Having spent over eighteen years as an instructor, department head and director of operations and academics in post-secondary institutions Rick saw first-hand the powerful influence of self-organized/flipped classroom learning environments. The concept can work at the post-secondary level too!  As the founder of Rick was inspired by Sugata Mitra’s Ted Talk to create an environment whereby certified K-12 teachers, students and grannies can now open online SOLE groups worldwide. Continue reading