Oscar O’Farrill

Organisation: SOLE México

Oscar is a psychologist who has been experimenting with SOLE since 2013. Initially based in a community centre in Tres Marías, Morelos, SOLE has also been implemented by Oscar in different scenarios such as public and private schools for elementary and secondary students, and in community centres across Mexico. So far, Oscar has been involved in more than 600 SOLE sessions with more than 800 children. He is currently researching SOLE through the Universidad Iberoamericana, supervised by Dr. Cimmena Chao, with a focus on the impact of SOLE on 300 First and Second Grade High School Students. Continue reading

Natalia Arredondo

Organisation: SOLE NYC

Natalia Arredondo is currently undertaking her PhD studies in SOLE. While collecting data for her project, Natalia opened the first SOLE laboratory in America. She is currently the coordinator of SOLE NYC in Harlem, New York City. Continue reading

SOLE Spain

SOLE Spain’s goal is to bring the country’s teacher-training universities and schools together, to empower students to take control of their own learning. In an effort to scale the SOLE methodology across Spain in the next 5 years, the SOLE Spain team is currently setting up a research project across schools and universities in Madrid and Barcelona.

Starting in October 2016, the research project will focus on the ways students assess the knowledge and skills that are generated from working with SOLE as they search for and process information on the Internet as 21st Century learners. The project will primarily include urban schools with students at risk of social exclusion and students with special educational needs.

Through this project, it is hoped that elementary students will be able to develop the skills needed for a modern digital society, and have to opportunity to work in environments that favour inclusion and educational innovation. We will show students how SOLE works,  train future teachers, and carry out SOLE sessions within a range of different schools. As part of their implementation of SOLE in schools, SOLE Spain are going to include an e-learning system named Knowledge Constructors in their research project. Through this system, children will have access to a bank of Big Questions and communicate with each other.

SOLE Spain also plan to utilize the Granny Cloud with their SOLE students and allow them to truly understand the power of shaping one’s own learning.

Future plans for SOLE Spain also include the implementation of SOLE in non-traditional educational settings, such as public libraries, and to open their own SOLE Lab as a citizen laboratory for production, research and broadcasting of cultural projects which explore the themes of collaborative learning and digital networks that are central to the success of the SOLE method.

Javier Bronchalo

Organisation: SOLE Spain

Javier Bronchalo is Project Coordinator at Knowledge Constructors and SOLE Spain. He is passionate about education with more than 18 years experience. He is enthusiastic about the idea of the learner as a social constructor of knowledge: the idea that learners achieve more through the active acquisition of information in groups, through peer support, inner motivation, self-directed learning and through participating in a community based on equality and mutual respect. Continue reading

Mariano Lopata

Organisation: SOLE Argentina

Mariano is a psychologist and scientific research methodology specialist. He is also a university teacher and SOLE practitioner and researcher. As a founding member of SOLE Argentina he has participated, organised and facilitated SOLE Sessions at primary, secondary and university level and liaised with organisations and community leaders to explore different SOLE dynamics.

His research interests center on the motivational and aspirational dimensions that SOLE participation brings about in students.

Mabel Quiroga

Organisation: SOLE Argentina

Mabel is an English teacher and education specialist. She has worked with Dr. Mitra and his team in different minimally invasive education and SOLE projects for more than ten years. Back in 2009 she helped set up the SOLE – SOME project and conducted a number of Skype Sessions across several School in the Cloud Labs in India. In 2013 she founded SOLE Argentina and has since then been working on SOLE-related projects: One-year pilot program in a government school in the city of Buenos Aires and training workshops for teachers around the country.

SOLE Cleveland

SOLE Cleveland (SOLE CLE) are an academic group with a focus on scaling SOLEs across the Cleveland, Ohio area.

SOLE Central


SOLE Central is the home of the School in the Cloud. It is a global hub for research into self-organised learning environments (SOLEs), bringing together researchers, practitioners, policy makers and entrepreneurs. Professor Sugata Mitra’s work has already transformed lives in some of the most disadvantaged communities in the world and our aim is to build on these strong foundations.

This interdisciplinary research centre is led by Newcastle University’s School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences and involves academics from across the University.

SOLE Argentina

SOLE Argentina aims to promote the SOLE methodology so that it becomes a well-known pedagogical theory which is shared, implemented and experienced by Argentine teachers on a regular basis. We aim to promote and advance 21st Century skills amongst primary and secondary students and teachers and enable them to fully participate and succeed in an interconnected global society. Our ultimate goal is to design and implement a set of educational policies based on the main tenets of the SOLE approach. To accomplish our vision, we have built a network of public-private partnerships with education professionals, NGOs, government and civil society agents.

As well as working in close cooperation with SOLE Central, we are setting up a research hub in Buenos Aires, Argentina through IITA (Institute of Research and Technology and Learning), a University of Buenos Aires agency.

SOLE Mexico

SOLE México is a community focused on promoting SOLE with Mexican teachers, schools and education enthusiasts. Our goal is to expand the notion of Self Organised Learning Environments and Minimally Invasive Education through a nonprofit organisation and a social startup in order to have a social-economic approach to education in our country.

We have grown into a strong community, collaborating to expand the reaches of internet literacy, digital abilities and self-sustained knowledge acquisition through technology, having always in mind the importance of learning through collaboration, motivation and creativity.

The SOLE México Community has grown to have more than 30 teachers involved, more than 20 facilitators and 1 SOLE Lab:

  • SOLE Centro Comunitario de Cómputo “La puerta de Tres Marías”
  • SOLE Julián Carrillo, San Luís Potosí
  • SOLE Colegio Hebreo Tarbut, México D.f.
  • SOLE Escuela Secundaria Pública “Calmecac” México, CDMX (Research project)
  • SOLE Lab: Centro Educativo Monarca, Zamora, Michoacán.

There are several organisations that have helped us to reach our goals, such as:

  • Google for Education México:  who has supported with 40 computers to the research project.
  • Endless México: Preloaded operating system for no need of internet connection.
  • Clever Academy: Innovation in education and technology company focused to take low cost education to rural communities.
  • Región Digital: Company focused to take low cost internet to rural communities.
  • Digital Family: Digital Citizenship for kids and young adults.

We are looking forward to keep collaborating to take SOLE into schools and community centers all over Mexico and the rest of the world.