TED Lab – Korakati

Our remotest lab in every sense of the word, Korakati is located in the village of Sandeshkhali, 125km from Kolkata (Calcutta).

Setting aside issues of connectivity in such a rural location, it poses a challenge simply to get there. Continue reading

Dashgara Lab

Located in a rural Montessori middle school, Dasghara in West Bengal is about three hours from Kolkata. It is the the School in the Cloud’s smallest purpose-built research lab to date at just 15ft wide. Continue reading

SOLE Colombia

SOLE Colombia believes that when collaborating in groups, anybody can learn anything. Within groups, people can work to solve their own challenges and transform their community through self-organisation. SOLE Colombia has reached 14 provinces in Colombia, setting up over 300 SOLEs in 2015 alone, and aims to reach over 2 million children and young people in the next 5 years. We are a think & do tank that believes in transforming the future of learning in Colombia by massively scaling the use of Self-Organised Learning Environments to all corners of the country.

We do this through public and private partnerships and by improving the use of ICT already set in place by the Colombian government in over 40,000 schools, 1,400 libraries and 8,000 public internet kiosks. Within the SOLE Colombia community we create the knowledge, tools and experiences to make SOLE a transforming movement, empowering people to take control of their learning.