Author - School in the Cloud

If you’re new to School in the Cloud then you won’t need to read this post, but if you’ve landed and gone ‘Whoa! This looks different…’ then don’t panic! We’ve had a bit of a makeover but hopefully you’ll still find everything you need to support your SOLE journey.

You might notice there are a few things we’ve had to drop, such as the option to launch your SOLE session from the site. Feedback from users suggested that although the countdown was useful, as was the ability to put the Big Question up on the screen, it wasn’t essential. We also found children were happiest using Google to search externally.

The Granny Cloud will also have a new website soon, dedicated to this amazing group of volunteer e-mediators, but in the meantime, if you want to apply to be a Granny, please do visit their page on this site.

One of the aims of School in the Cloud is to not only support and inspire the educational community, but also to put you in touch with each other, so please do sign up to Join Our Community (your old login will no longer work – sorry!). We’re working on creating another community online forum where registered community members can connect with each other. There are already many classrooms linking up across continents to run SOLEs together and we’d love to help facilitate more. Feel free to reach out to the community via social media for now.

We hope you enjoy visiting our new site – there are literally 100s of Big Questions and dozens of inspirational blogs to choose from, along with helpful ‘how to’ guides to make your SOLE run as smoothly as possible (but obviously still with a fair amount of ‘learning at the edge of chaos’ for good measure!)