Natalia Arredondo received her bachelor’s degree in Special Education in Colombia and later migrated to the U.S. to pursue graduate studies in Special Education at Columbia University. From 2003 to 2006, she worked in Pittsburgh Public Schools and later moved to New York City to work as a special educator for the Public School system up until 2013. While in New York she piloted the Nest program and the Intensive Kindergarten to integrated students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Asperger’s syndrome into general education. As a result of this endeavor she published the article “When New Things are Exciting” at Asperger’s Digest. Ms. Arredondo also served as a lecturer at Hunter College in New York City where she provided professional development to graduate students and teachers. In 2012, Natalia piloted a Dual Language classroom in New York City in PS 112. As part of an Inquiry based approach, Natalia applied Professor Sugata Mitra’s Self-Organized Learning method. In 2013, Natalia began her PhD studies under the mentorship of Professor Mitra. While collecting data for her project, Ms. Arredondo opened the first SOLE laboratory in America, an idea pioneered by Prof. Mitra. She is currently the coordinator of the laboratory in Harlem, New York City.