Located in the small, historic town of Phaltan, this lab is approximately 115 km from Pune in the Satara District of Maharashtra in Western India.

It is housed in a site where the Granny Cloud has already been used by the middle school for a year.

This co-ed school, as it’s name suggests, is progressive in outlook and attempts to give the children a variety of learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom.

Music and gardening are as much a part of their school day as are formal lessons. The children come from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds, from lower income to relatively wealthy homes.

The school runs volunteer and sponsorship programs to ensure that those from the lower income groups are not deprived of an education.

The main language used in the school is Marathi, with English taught as one of the subjects.

The school PSS runs is located is Kamala Nimbkar Balbhavan, in an underprivileged area of Phaltan and has around 425 students. It has an outreach program that seeks to connect with other mainstream schools and the community to support child development in the critical early years (0-3). The school operates in two shifts with the preschool and primary school operating in the morning, and the high school from noon until evening.

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