Our remotest lab in every sense of the word, Korakati is located in the village of Sandeshkhali, 125km from Kolkata (Calcutta).

Setting aside issues of connectivity in such a rural location, it poses a challenge simply to get there. Not for the faint-hearted, reaching this site involves an adventurous journey by road, boat and subsequently a contraption called a van rickshaw.

The region is impoverished in many different ways, including socially and economically, which can often lead to a different mind set where time doesn’t carry the same meaning it does in an urban setting.

With no school close by, some of the villagers do their best to share whatever knowledge they have to the children of Sandeshkhali.

A local family, one of whom works as a teacher in Kolkata (Calcutta) has provided the land on which the lab has been built.
The closest school is a primary in Korakati, approximately 9kms away, which caters for about 135 children from the area.  Fishing and agriculture are the main occupations.

In a place that is difficult to reach, even if you want to get there, technology could be the saving grace. Therefore, accepting the challenge to build a lab in this situation perfectly fits in with the ethos of School in the Cloud in wanting to reach out to children that are otherwise deprived of learning and other opportunities.

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