Greenfield Arts is the site of the ‘Room 13’ SOLE Lab. Designed to be very different to a normal classroom, Room 13 has an ‘outdoor feel’ – including artificial grass – and unusual seating and decoration to make it an attractive and social space to spend time in.

It is run by a group of students called The Engine Heads, who are responsible for driving things forward in the SOLE and helping to share knowledge about how Room 13 can be used to experience a new way of learning.

Katy Milne, Director of Arts and Creativity at Greenfield, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to continue this global research and development into enquiry-based approaches to learning here at Greenfield Arts. It’s a chance to learn above and beyond the curriculum, helping to ignite a curiosity for learning, and that’s what makes it really exciting.

Greenfield Arts works together with Greenfield Community College and students there have been part of Sugata’s research for several years.

The Greenfield Arts lab opened in February 2014.

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