The project’s flagship lab is located in the village of Narayanitala, Gocharan and opened in early 2015.

Many of the insights already gained while setting up School in the Cloud labs in the other locations have been worked into the construction at Gocharan.

Built on the land of an individual family, it is approximately 40 kms away from Kolkata (Calcutta).

Given the proximity to an urban area, there are more facilities available for the local population that at many of the other sites, including ‘coaching classes’ (private examination-orientated tuition) and a nearby health centre.

There are four government primary schools, four government high schools and four private nursery schools. Each school has approximately 700 children.

The total population of Gocharan is around 12,000, with 5,000 children under 16. Agriculture is the primary occupation.

The primary schools are all within a 1km radius and children typically cycle or walk to school.

As in many of other locations, the schools operate in shifts. Typically, the morning shift caters to primary and the afternoon shift to the higher secondary school pupils.

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