Gloucester Road Primary School has embarked on a journey in developing 21st Century learning. The DEEP Curriculum focuses on REAL Projects allowing the development of SOLE to research our big questions. (D – designed for challenge, E – experiential, E – environmental immersion, P – project led).

Our curriculum is designed and centred on our children’s needs and is relevant to their life experiences. Our learners are central to all experiences, activities and projects. Ensuring all children know what they are doing and why. Projects are embedded into themes and are driven by leading questions, produce outcomes that have a real purpose and are exhibited to a wider, authentic audience beyond the school.

The DEEP curriculum focuses on fewer things in greater depth and is designed so the quality time on key concepts ensures deeper learning. Key experiences relate directly to the theme and projects. They are exciting, adventurous and inspiring, whilst delivering essential content. Total environmental immersion from the corridors to classrooms and through to the outdoor provision, engages and inspires our learners.

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