Located in a rural Montessori middle school, Dasghara in West Bengal is about three hours from Kolkata. It is the the School in the Cloud’s smallest purpose-built research lab to date at just 15ft wide.

It was also the cheapest at £7,500 – part of an experiment by Sugata Mitra to see just what was possible if he aimed small and employed local contractors, personally handling the project management from start to finish.

Dasghara has a special place in Prof. Mitra’s own family history, as it is located near his mother’s ancestral home and the lab is based in a school that was originally funded by his Grand Uncle Aunt.

The lab was officially opened on 2nd October 2016 (Gandhi’s birthday). It has been designed for use by 24 children between 5 computers. As is the case with the George Stephenson and Greenfield SOLE labs in the UK, the children will be in charge of running this lab.

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