SOLE has recently been introduced at Clever International School and was received with great enthusiasm by teachers and pupils.

Children as young as 9 years old are being offered the opportunity to work as a team in search of knowledge, exchanging ideas freely with own and members of other teams, while the teacher is the silent observer.

In this short period of several months, there has been noticeable improvement in pupils’  self-confidence. They patiently await to hear the Big  Question and immediately begin typing on their laptops, agreeing easily on the role each child will take.  In addition, their presentation skills have excelled.

They have learnt to prepare their presentations as they are searching for the answer, experimenting with different ways of doing it:  on the board, as PPP, with drawings…Finally, what was noticed as another positive aspect of this approach is the children’s improvement in English, as it is not their native language. On the other hand, the teachers enjoy observing the children become more and more independent, driven by passion for learning.

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