Kiageria village, where this School in the Cloud lab is located, has a population of about 2000, with approximately 800 children under the age of 16.

While there are three primary schools for Grades 1 to 4, there is only one high school [for Grades 5 to 8]. Approximately 400 children are spread across these four schools. Their parents are mostly involved in agriculture.

The School in the Cloud lab at Chandrakona was initiated by the NGO Sarbik Pally Kalyan Kendra [SPKK]. This NGO works towards rural development and is based in the village where the lab has been built.

Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar – a key member of the Bengal renaissance who was given the title ‘Vidyasagar’ meaning ‘Ocean of Knowledge’ – was born in a nearby village. Despite this, the district still faces many challenges today and the SinC lab opens up a variety of possibilities. The lab itself has been built on land owned by the SPKK overlooking a large pond.

Kiageria is located in West Midnapore [Paschim Medinipur] district of West Bengal and the closest town is Chandrakona, 3km away. It is approximately 150km from Calcutta [Kolkata].

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