SOLE Spain

SOLE Spain’s goal is to bring the country’s teacher-training universities and schools together, to empower students to take control of their own learning. In an effort to scale the SOLE methodology across Spain in the next 5 years, the SOLE Spain team is currently setting up a research project across schools and universities in Madrid and Barcelona.

Starting in October 2016, the research project will focus on the ways students assess the knowledge and skills that are generated from working with SOLE as they search for and process information on the Internet as 21st Century learners. The project will primarily include urban schools with students at risk of social exclusion and students with special educational needs.

Through this project, it is hoped that elementary students will be able to develop the skills needed for a modern digital society, and have to opportunity to work in environments that favour inclusion and educational innovation. We will show students how SOLE works,  train future teachers, and carry out SOLE sessions within a range of different schools. As part of their implementation of SOLE in schools, SOLE Spain are going to include an e-learning system named Knowledge Constructors in their research project. Through this system, children will have access to a bank of Big Questions and communicate with each other.

SOLE Spain also plan to utilize the Granny Cloud with their SOLE students and allow them to truly understand the power of shaping one’s own learning.

Future plans for SOLE Spain also include the implementation of SOLE in non-traditional educational settings, such as public libraries, and to open their own SOLE Lab as a citizen laboratory for production, research and broadcasting of cultural projects which explore the themes of collaborative learning and digital networks that are central to the success of the SOLE method.

Javier Bronchalo

Organisation: SOLE Spain

Javier Bronchalo is Project Coordinator at Knowledge Constructors and SOLE Spain. He is passionate about education with more than 18 years experience. He is enthusiastic about the idea of the learner as a social constructor of knowledge: the idea that learners achieve more through the active acquisition of information in groups, through peer support, inner motivation, self-directed learning and through participating in a community based on equality and mutual respect. Continue reading

Lehla Eldridge


Lehla is a home educator who regularly made use of SOLE projects when her children were being homeschooled. They are now ‘unschooling’ and their lives are one big SOLE!