Christos Sotiropoulos

Organisation: Sotiropoulos English Language School

Christos has been teaching English since 1993 in a small village 30 km from Chania in Crete, Greece. He started with 30 students in a private school and now teaches English to about 100 students from K-3 to K-12. Christos has always tried to involve his students in international projects so as to open a window to the world for them. An opportunity to answer the “Freedom City 2017 Big Question” by Sugata Mitra on Martin Luther King Day is what made the SOLE project finally kick-off in the small village at the root of the White Mountains. Continue reading

SOLE Greece

SOLE Greece was established in response to the needs of refugee children stranded in Greece. Over 20,000 children and their families are seeking refuge in Europe and elsewhere after been displaced as a result of conflicts in the Middle East. Most of these children have been out of school for over a year and some have never been to school at all. SOLE Greece facilitates learning for children ages 6-16 in their own languages and with content sensitive to their cultural and historical background. After running a successful 5-week pilot project, we now operate in refugee camps in and around Athens delivering SOLE Sessions.