Sarah is an experienced teacher who has been successfully using the SOLE approach across the 7-11 age range. Sarah has taught in a variety of settings from inner city London to a town primary school. Sarah is also a Peer Support Teacher, supporting teachers across parts of North Yorkshire to enhance their teaching, and regularly demonstrates lessons and offers support and guidance.

Sarah believes that each child is entitled to a rich, creative, fun and innovative education and SOLE ticks all these boxes and more. Sarah believes that the SOLE approach enables children to work together to learn and make incredible connections. The children in her class are the greatest advocates who look forward to each SOLE learning session. Sarah loves to teach at the front of the class, but equally loves to sit back in awe during a SOLE session and see, feel and hear the incredible learning. The children in her class learn using a variety of techniques but SOLE has enhanced her classroom in every way possible. “Let’s SOLE it!” is a daily sentence in her room.