Organisation: SOLE for Georgia Homeschoolers

Jenn is a homeschooling mom of three kids, ages 8, 11 and 14. Their homeschooling approach has changed over the years, and they now consider themselves “unschoolers”

Jenn discovered SOLE via the 2013 TED Talk by Sugata Mitra and was inspired to bring SOLE to her local homeschool co-op. She facilitated her first SOLE in August 2013 and hasn’t stopped since.

Jenn believes that the advantages of the SOLE process for the kids she has worked with over the years include giving kids opportunities to work collaboratively in groups, allowing kids time and space to wrestle with big questions or follow avenues of interest to them, and helps develop the critical evaluation skills which are so necessary when using the internet to do research.

Jenn is also a certified Positive Discipline Parent and Classroom Educator, and draws heavily on the communication and problem-solving tools developed by the Positive Discipline Association.

In addition to being a homeschooling parent and educator, Jenn is a CrossFit trainer and coach, a competitive Kettlebell Sport  athlete, and runs a company that will bring Kettlebell Sport to the state of Georgia.