Organisation: SOLE Colombia

Felipe works in production and logistics with SOLE Colombia. He is an anthropologist with vast experience in the corporate world leading companies in the food sector in Colombia, Ecuador and the United States of America. After several years living in rural communities in Asia and gathering knowledge from traditional teachers he returned to Colombia and created La Juanita Finca verde. This platform of rural transformation combines knowledge and millenary traditions with technologies and innovative developments. La Juanita Finca Verde has become a model for rural social innovation by creating balanced relationships in terms of environment, culture and society. Several projects including Cinético, an itinerant rural cinema, ConectArte, providing educational and transformative spaces (in some cases mediated by ICTs) as well as the organization and production of several TEDx events in unconventional places are sowing transformation in the countryside, harvesting wellness and peace in colombian rural regions. He is a research professor of the Educational Projects Mediated by ICTs Master’s at Universidad De La Sabana, and Grant Advisor for The Pollination Project. Felipe is an Acumen Global Fellow.

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