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On Monday 16th January, people from across the world were invited to answer a special Big Question to commemorate Martin Luther King Day, as part of the Freedom City 2017 programme. Here’s how the SOLE Global Community responded:

The UK





The USA:







Until the last 50 years, many countries from Asia and Africa were colonies under European domination. Nowadays, some wars are over but others are stil going on.

 In America black people had no right to vote but in 2009 Barack Obama was the first Afro American president and he did two mandates.  Trump won the election after an anti-immigrant campaign and he wants to enlarge the wall between Mexico and the USA.

50 years ago, many women were still housewives who stayed at home and had children. This year Hillary Clinton was the first woman to run for office and she got the majority in popular votes.

In the United States, 81% people used the Internet in 2012 but in Africa, Asia and South America only few people are connected. Will things get better in the coming years ?

Charlotte and Alyssa, Lycée Paul Hazard



You can view SOLE Crete’s excellent presentation slides here

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