While there is no pollution and CFC at the North Pole, why is there still a hole in the ozone layer?
(Question asked by my 10 yr son studying in 5th grade).

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  • sanjeev kumar says:

    It is primarily the cold which traps the mediators of ozone breakdown more than in warmer areas. The destruction of ozone requires the “breaking agents” (usually halogenated organic compounds) sunlight (ultraviolet rays) and ozone itself. The formation requires oxygen an sunlight. There is an equilibrium between the processes of destruction an formation of ozone. At poles (more on south pole) during winter there is no sunlight so the Breaking agents get trapped in the fine ice formed due to cold. However during this time there is no sunlight!. The destruction actually peaks when spring comes and these trapped particles start to see the sunlight again. By summer the process gets back to equilibrium.
    So it is basically the trapping of “breaking agents”